Shiawase Research Facility

Located in Renton, Seattle.

This is a, currently undercover, Research and Development Facility for the Shiawase Corporation. It is approximately 50 stories in height, and 30 stories in depth. This building has a heli-pad on top, two tower cameras which opposite-record around the building, and two entrances (a main, and emergency exit).

Blueprints of the Buildings circa 2042, when first constructed by Peterson Architecture are on record in Photo’s commlink, and backup server.

Based off current information provided by Mr. Johnson #1, this Research Facility is currently designing a new way of performing Security which could cause several problems for the world at large. Based off gathered intelligence, this new Security is now believed to be the control and implementation of Technomancers as Matrix Security on level not yet seen in the world.

The Shiawase R&D Facilities Public Node is the current prison ground of The Wired Man, and his physical body is kept in captivity on Subbasement Floor 21, Subsection 3, Executive Security Clearance.

Shiawase Research Facility

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