Boeing Research Facility

Boeing Research Facility

Boeing Job – Facility Info Prior to Run

Common info for facility as a whole:

Composed of 6 structures as follows:

Facility is surrounded by Fence with razor wire that is 15’ tall. Located, as seen on the map, inside this fence are poles with cameras atop them.

Inside the facility past the Gate house are 2 sets of hidden road spikes.

Each building, with exception of Parking Garage, has very high biofiber, as well as high level wards in locations that Biofiber cannot be used.

There are a number of watcher spirits on the exterior of the premises, as seen on the map, but there does not seem to be other patrolling spirits.

Each building, with the exception of Parking Garage has it’s own DB for Keycards.
Mage sight system is installed all throughout all buildings. Unable to get specifics for it’s installation locations or goggle locations.

Additionally we have gotten blue prints for all of the buildings.

Click here to Get Full Sized Image of Main Map.

Boeing Research Facility

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