The Wired Man - DECEASED

Trapped and Alone.


The Wired Man first appeared as a simple archaic skeletal figure composed of wires, with no skin over his avatar-body.

In his second meeting, he appeared an old man, with a scraggly beard, and wastelander outfit. This avatar though, is assumed by Photo, to be merely the vestiges of a man attempting to blend into the iconography currently in place.


The Wired Man first appeared 3 Years ago to a group of Runner’s seeking to gain entrance to the Shiawase Seattle R&D Facility in Renton, Seattle. While probing the Shiawase Node, the Wired Man came to them and showed them a vid of him following a man through the complex. He did not understand the Matrix-Slang, or any other worldly terms thrown around by the group, and due to the archaic nature of his Avatar, was thought to be more talk, then action. Shortly after that, the group disappeared, and is now thought dead by the Matrix-patrons of Wanda’s Witchery.

3 Years Later… Photo caught wind of the vid and the legend of the Wired Man. After analyzing the vid, he came to find it to be legitimate, and after enhancing attempts to blur out identifying tags on things inside of the building, they all read ‘The Wired Man’. Fed up with dead ends, Photo took a chance and accessed the Shiawasa Public Node, wearing an avatar-costume of the Wired Man’s look, and the Login ID: The Wired Man. Not .8 Seconds later, the Node was transferred into Photo’s Iconography, and he was introduced to the infamous Wired Man.

Wired Man, through questioning from Photo, has now been identified as a Technomancer Prisoner, held in the Shiawase Facility against his will, and unable to access external nodes. This explains why he does not know anything about the external world.

However, it doesn’t make any sense. How is a man, who is capable of completely hacking Photo in less then a second, trapped in a singular Public Node?

The Wired Man, unfortunately, died on the escape route.

The Wired Man - DECEASED

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