Simon Gradis - DECEASED

Former Assistant Shipping Manager - Tayden Industries


A white male with a short and stocky build, Mr. Gradis stands at 5’4’’ and speaks with an unusually high voice. He has a square face, with small wrinkles that drape from the corners of his eyes. Although he appears to dress in fine clothing, his wardrobe is compiled of knock off suits and dress shoes. Simon has a habit of speaking with hesitation and frequently adjusts his clothes and posture.


After months of unpaid overtime, multiple negative performance evaluations, cuts in pay, and increases in job responsibility, Simon had finally decided he had enough. His company, Tayden Industries, would be releasing a new cookbook soft soon, which Da’rume Hajeed (his hard ass boss) was responsible for overseeing. The plan was a simple one. Calling himself Mr. Jackson, Simon decided to put together a group of Runners. The Runners would break into the warehouse and mess up the soft the day before shipment. Da’rume would be held responsible and likely transferred to a new position if not fired, thus Simon would have room to move up the ladder. At least, that’s how it seemed, and as far as Simon could tell, that’s how it always worked in the vids.

Of course, life isn’t always like it is in the vids and things had a habit of not going well for Simon. His Runners didn’t deliver, his boss had set him up to take the fall for the failed job, and as a result he was taken into holding by Lonestar. But maybe lady luck was coming back around. Afraid that Simon would sell them out to Lonestar, the Runners managed to falsify some information and get Simon released. After a lengthy discussion in the back of a van, the Runners realized Simon to be an amateur. With Lonestar piecing together the puzzle and sending out patrols for them and having made sure Simon had nothing on them, they kicked him to the curb. Jobless, humiliated, and on the run, Simon didn’t see a way out. A day later, Simon was found dead in his apartment from an apparent suicide, leaving only a note behind: “Never trust a Runner.”

Simon Gradis - DECEASED

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